What is CASHIC?

The Capital Area Schools Health Insurance Consortium (CASHIC) is a health insurance trust consisting of 21 participating New York public school districts. CASHIC was formed in 1994 by three of these districts (Cohoes, Cobleskill and Scotia-Glenville) and has grown to become one of the largest upstate New York school district consortia. CASHIC was formed under a Municipal Cooperative Agreement (GML Article 5G, section 119-0) and is tax exempt pursuant to IRS code 501(c)(9).

CASHIC was formed for the purpose of reducing health insurance carrier administrative costs (through volume purchasing), and to insulate member districts from major premium fluctuations from year-to-year. This smoothing effect occurs with a large insured population and credible claims experience.

To assist us, CASHIC continues to work with its Administrator/Broker/Consultant, Amsure, and legal counsel, Tom Gleason of Gleason, Dunn, Walsh and O’Shea who provides guidance on legal compliance and insurance matters.

There currently are three (3) CASHIC “sponsored” insurance programs, with program offerings from Blue Shield of Northeastern New York, (an insured/retrospective funding arrangement); Capital District Physicians Health Plan (CDPHP), (an insured/prospective funding arrangement); and Express Scripts, Inc. (ESI), (a self-funded prescription drug program under which benefits are separately funded by each District).  CASHIC member districts place in excess of $180M in annual premiums with these three carriers, with upwards of 20,000 covered members.

If you think CASHIC may have the potential to stabilize premiums or save on carrier administrative charges for your district, please feel free to contact Chris Knauf of Amsure at cknauf@amsureins.com or 518-689-1558, or Drew Giaquinto, the Trust Chair at agiaquinto@sgcsd.net or 518-347-3600.